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Management Services


We specialize in farm, field and barn weddings held on privately owned properties.  Our management services include helping you to determine and plan the wedding details; assisting in selecting vendors; working with your vendors to fulfill your wedding design; planning out, organizing and fulfilling all of the wedding details, timelines and checklists;  coordinating the welcome days and wedding day; assisting with clean-ups, load-outs and rental pick-ups.

Site Visits

Available as part of the management service or as a stand alone.  We visit and document the site with photos, measurements and descriptions.   We then provide a detailed report assessing points such as tent placements, site access, water drainage, power supply, water supply, lighting, guest and staff safety, port-a-let needs and placement, insect/rodent control and more.

Roasted Chicken, Sauteed Greens and Creamy Three Cheese Mac and Cheese.  Perfect for a party by City Farm Events Boston.

Food and Catering

Catering and Food Service is available as part of the management service or separately.


City Farm can assist with catering and food needs in several ways...


Complete on-site food prep, production and service.  In an on-site kitchen tent set-up provided by your rental vendor and working with local farmers and suppliers we do all of the food prep at the site for a fresh and delicious meal.

Local Special.   Do you have favorite local restaurants that are a part of your life and which serve dishes that are special to you?   We work with these restaurants to have your favorite dishes made for your wedding.  We take care of coordinating with the restaurants, getting the food to the site, any on-site prep or finishing work needed and serving the meal.

General Planning and Vendor Selection.  If you want our help even if we’re not working together for the actual event.  We provide a professional perspective to help you review plans, menus and local vendors to determine and select the best for your wedding.